Atmosphere Pro

Cross-Framework and Cross-Browser Asynchronous Framework for Real Time Applications on the JVM

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Atmosphere Pro consists of a suite of enterprise tools for scaling, distributing, and monitoring your enterprise Atmosphere application:

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Atmosphere Satellite

Applications using Satellite gain the following superpowers:
  • Elastic Scalability (just add more servers and they cluster automagically, i.e. automatically)
  • Super Speeds (in memory transaction speeds)
  • High Availability
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Cloud Readiness
  • 100% State Replication
Satellite is easily able to handle this type of use case with in-memory performance, linear scalability as you add new nodes and reliability. Satellite is small and gets transparently enabled by Atmosphere. Because of its design approach as well as Satellite’s ability to automatically discover and cluster with peers, Satellite provides drop-in session clustering ability for any Atmosphere enabled server. It requires no additional investment in hardware and elastically scales as you add app servers. This is a great way to ensure that Atmosphere's session state is maintained when you are clustering Atmosphere servers.

Atmosphere Tower Control

Tower Control monitoring product is designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind and delivers unprecedented power to DevOps and users alike. Tower Control is a complete ecosystem for DevOps, offering a complete end to end solution for monitoring an Atmosphere application. Tower Control offers the ability to completely configure Atmosphere, collect statistics, reload Atmosphere applications and hot swamp an Atmosphere applications remotely.

Atmosphere Stack

Atmosphere Stack

Atmosphere Postman

With Guaranteed Delivery, the Atmosphere Postman system uses a built-in data store to persist messages. Atmosphere Postman guarantees the client that when sending a message, the message will always be delivered to the server. In case of a failure, the message will be re-sent until it reaches the server. Postman guarantee client's messages delivery.

When combined with Atmosphere Satellite, when a websocket or fallback transport delivers a message, the send operation does not complete successfully until the message is safely stored in the sender’s data store. Subsequently, the message is not deleted from one data store until it is successfully forwarded to and stored in the next data store. As a result, once a websocket or fallback transport successfully sends a message, it is also stored in memory on at least one Atmosphere Satellite until the message has been successfully delivered and acknowledged by the browser. Installing Satellite and Postman guarantee 100% messages delivery, both from the browser and the server.

Postman also contains mechanisms for fixing browsers' specific errors. For example, Firefox can leaks websockets connections when pages are fastly reloaded. Under that circumstance, a server may die because of those phantoms websockets, who create a memory leak. Postman ships with a mechanism to detect that situation and automatically get rid of phantoms websockets.